Sealing materials

Mineral Board 600

Mineral Board 600


Sheets or cutting gaskets.

Thickness from 2 to 10mm, for more informations please contact us.

Size 1000 X 1000mm / 1000 X 500mm / 500 X 500mm.

Glass factory, iron and steel metalurgy, furnace.

Temperature max : 750°C.

Packaging from 6 to 50m².

Mineral board 600, 2 aluminium sides

Mineral board 600, 2 aluminium sides

Rockwool and 2 aluminium sides

Sheets or cutting gaskets.

Thickness 4mm / size 1000 X 1000mm, 1000 X 500mm, 500 X 500mm.

Hight resistance in temperature, all kinf of insulations.

Temperature max : 400°C.

Packaging from 13 to 25m².

Carton intumescent

Carton intumescent

Carton isolant intumescent (gonfle à la chaleur).

Couleur grise

Température d'activation : 220°C

Température maximale d'utilisation : 1 000°C

Utilisation : joints coupe-feu et joints expansibles;

Carton intumescent - Fiche technique

Tear-proof paper

Tear-proof paper

Impregnate cellulose fiber.

Thickness : 0.25/0.50/0.80/1/1.2/1.6/2mm, width 1000mm.

For hydrocarbon, car gaskets, gas pump, oil pump...

Temperature max. : 120°C.

Roll of 10, 25 or 50ml.



Modify PTFE.

Thickness : 1/1.5/2/3mm, size 1500X1500mm.

Chemical and petrochemical industry, acids, steam, oxygen.

Temperature max : -200 à 260°C.

Sheets or cut gaskets.


Notre gamme de PSA

Notre gamme de PSA

Feuilles à joints classiques à choisir en fonction de vos besoins :


Gamme PSA

Rubber, differents qualities

Rubber, differents qualities

Natural rubber : rubberized cloth, nitril, neoprene, silicon, Viton(R), EPDM....

Thickness : 2/3/4/5mm

Sheets : 1400 X 1000mm.

Roll : width 1400mm and from 5 to 20m long.

Please  contact us for an advice.


Padugraph S

Padugraph S

Expanded graphite, 99% of carbon.

Thickness from 1 to 3mm, 1000X1000mm.

For acid steam, hydrocarbon, chemical industry, inflammables materials.

Temperature max. : -200 à 550°C.

Max 50 bar.

Sheet or cut gasket.


Padugraph GR

Padugraph GR

Stainless steel armed and expansed grahite. Stainless steel sheet of 0.1mm.

Thickness 1.5/2/3mm, size 1000X1000mm.

For acid steam, chemical use, hydrocarbon with hight pressure, thermal shocks.

Temperature max. : -200 à 260°C.

Max : 120 bar.

Sheet or cut gasket.

Mica gasket HT710

Mica gasket HT710

ISO 9002

Gasket sheet of mica (phlogopite) with silicon.

Thickness from 1 to 3mm, size : 1200 X 1000mm.

For hot gases, boilers, corosives applications .

Temperature max. : -200 à 900°C.

Max : 5 bar.

Sheet or cut gasket.

Eliptik gasket for Tarcag boiler

Eliptik gasket for Tarcag boiler

Para-aramidic tape armed with graphite.

Manholes, handholes, envelop gaskets.

Size : from 120X80X15X5mm to 425X325X25X7mm. Others dimensions on demand.

Boilers gaskets.

Temperature max. : 250°C.

Max : 25 bar.

Spiralwound gaskets

Spiralwound gaskets

Metal tape with a specially shaped profile coupled with a filler tape (graphite, ceramic, ptfe...).

Size from DN 15 to DN 200.

Temperature max. : 500°C.

Max : 100 bar.

White felt

White felt

Two qualities : 80% + 20% of rayon / 100% wool, according to the utilisation.

Also in grey on demand.

Thickness : 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15mm, sheet of 1000 X 900mm.




Quality according to the utilisation. An advice is necessery.

BRIDEFLON, PTFE  self-adhesive tape

BRIDEFLON, PTFE self-adhesive tape

Self-modeling tape gaskets made of 100%PTFE.

With a very hight tensible strenght, it can easyly be applied to all surface where good, safe and lasting seal is required. Multidirectional.

PTFE coated glass clothes

PTFE coated glass clothes

Cloth impregnated with PTFE to garantee thermal and chemical resistance. Resistance to tensile strength, dimensional stability, anti-friction and anti-adhesive coefficients.

Thickness from 0.08to 0.25mm, width 1000mm, roll of 30m long.

Rate on request


Extruded tubes of PTFE

Extruded tubes of PTFE

PTFE extruded.

Rate on request

Envelope gaskets PTFE

Envelope gaskets PTFE

For a good resistence and mechanical seal between pipes, tanks.

PN 10

NFE 29900-5

Rate on request



Carton minéral 600

Fiche technique Carton Minéral 600

Carton minéral NTX Bleu

Fiche technique carton NTX

Papier indéchirable

Fiche technique papier indéchirable

Caoutchouc naturel NR-SBR

Fiche technique caoutchouc naturel NR/SBR

Caoutchouc naturel avec insertions

Fiche technique caouctchouc naturel avec insertions

Caoutchouc-elastomère nitrile

Fiche technique caoutchouc nitrile

Caoutchouc EPDM

Fiche technique caoutchouc EPDM

Caoutchouc FKM - Viton

Fiche technique caoutchouc FKM Viton

Silicone alimentaire

Fiche technique silicone alimentaire

Padugraph S

Fiche technique Padugraph S

Padugraph R Lisse

Fiche technique Padugraph R lisse

Padugraph GR à picots

Fiche technqiue Padugraph GR à picots

Joint Mica HT710

Fiche technique Joints Mica

Feutre blanc

Fiche technique Feutre Blanc

Liège expansé

Fiche technqiue liège expansé

Liège aggloméré expansé pur à la vapeur

Fiche technique liège agglo

Liège aggloméré extra F

Fiche technique liège agglo

PTFE en bande

Fiche technique PTFE en bande

Carton intumescent

Fiche technique Carton intumescent Patouret

Carton minéral NTX 1100SF

Fiche technique carton mineral sans fumée patouret

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