History of the factory patouret

Veyrat mill 1888
1910 factory
Cousin rise 1910
Braid factory
Turbine 1943
gas 1910
1911 workers
1910 board drying
Mill wheels
Cutting gaskets
Recycling materials
Braid packing
Insulating cord
Rectcling cord

Une histoire de famille

In 1861, Louis Barthelemy Dubois set in a paper factory near the river "Cousin" in the Veyrat Mill. 

His sons, Achille Dubois will extend the production to braid cotton and hemp. He devises an insulation board in 1895, he manages his activity to industrial products.

Afther the death of all his 3 sons ( WW1 and in the factory), his daughter get married with Maurice Patouret who follow up with new productions as: the insulation cord with recycling textile (1926), cement stop-fire...

A his turn, Louis Patouret takes up the entreprise in 1960. It turns to an SARL in 1961 witch associates are all members of the familly.

Today, it's into Philippe Patouret hands that it's preparing for the future.